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Is it possible to get different mouthpieces send for testing (assortment of samples)?


No, it is not possible. In exceptional cases artists can try the mouthpieces on location.


How does the shipment of an order work?


Our standard models can be bought at local retailers. We will be glad to provide information about a retailer next to you. Just ask. You can also tell us your special requests.


What is ZINNER ebonite?


All of our produchts are made of high-quality materials. Zinner ebonite is the material most often used. It has the demonstrably best sound character at the market.


What are the prices for the listed mouthpieces and barrels?


You get to know the prices through your retailer, who we are glad to tell you.


Who are our mouthpieces suitable for?


Whether beginner, student or professional - our mouthpieces are designed for every player. We offer concert models for a good price to give young players a chance to achieve great success with great mouthpieces.


How do I choose a mouthpiece?


The tip-opening bzw. facing is of capital importance for the choice of a mouthpiece. You can get the appropriate tip-opening for every mouthpiece. The different tip-openings are itemized in the facing list.


Since when does Zinner make barrels?


After a two-year development phase it is now possible to satisfy the needs of well-known professionals and to present this world-wide novelty. Since august 2006 these barrels are available for Boehm system only as a start.


What lengths are the barrels available with?


The barrels are available with lengths from  64 mm to 68 mm for Bb and A clarinet Boehm system. Special requests on inquiry.


Which kind of clarinets are ZINNER mouthpieces available for?


Zinner mouthpieces is only mouthpiece maker world-wide, who is able to make mouthpieces for every tuning bzw. clarinet type. The assortment varies from Hoch G to Contra bass mouthpieces for German (Oehler) and French (Boehm) system. Furthermore we serve customers with extraordinary requests such as Tarogato, Schrammel and Tubax mouthpieces.


Of which materials are ZINNER clarinet mouthpieces made?


The range goes from ebonite, different wood types and crystal glass to acrylic mouthpieces.


Which kind of saxophones are ZINNER mouthpieces available for?


ZINNER mouthpieces meet the needs of all types of saxophones - the range goes from sopranillo to contra bass saxophone mouthpieces. The mouthpieces are available made of ebonite, but special mouthpieces as Strathon, custom products made of wood and metal mouthpieces are available as well.


What are the accepted methods of payment?


We accept wire transfers to one of our banks only.


How long is the delivery time of the mouthpieces?


We try to give the optimum service to our customers, that for product quality and to deliver within the agreed time matter. Although most of our products are made in commissioned production, there are only little waiting periods.